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Border Dental Clinic was designed by Dr. Jose Saturno to offer professional service and personal attention to our patients. We use only the most advanced technology, equipment, and material. Our professional staff goes through an ongoing process of staying up to date on all of the latest developments in the area of dental health by attending seminars and conferences on both sides of the USA/Mexico border. Our staff is here to provide you with the proper solutions to all of your dental needs in the areas of implants, orthodontics, and other related fields.

About Border Dental - Our Team!

The Border Dental Clinic staff is available to help you with your dental problems having the highest professional experience as specialists in dental implants, orthodontics and more areas.

Dr. Alma Renteria

Dr. Renteria is part of the team of dentists working at Border Dental...

Dr. Jose Saturno

Dr. Jose Saturno is affiliated with the ADA (American Dental Association)...

Dr. Carlos Leyva

Dr. Levya is part of the team of doctors working at Border Dental...

Dr. Alejandro Ruiz

Dr. Ruiz graduated from the University of Los Mochis in Sinaloa...

Services we provide

There is a solution for every dental problem. Whether your needs are preventative, basic or surgical, we offer our patients solutions that best meet their those needs. Space limitations here on our website do not allow us to go into detail about all the services we offer which is why we suggest you call us. We’re always glad to answer questions on the phone prior to your visit.

Dental Implants

Dental Extraction



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